Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirrow

We all know hindsight is so much better than foresight.

A few years ago I wrote this paragraph:

Many potential home buyers, whether looking to purchase a home to live in or invest for the future, are already active in todays hard hit market. Others are still on the fence waiting to the market to bottom out!  Still, now is the best time to buy for the long term because there is a considerable inventory of homes to choose from at great prices. Much of our market is now priced at 2004 prices! Once the market is on the upward swing, there are very few desirable homes on the market that would be for sale at bargain prices! The market can change very quickly and most will not notice the change until it is well underway.

It is interesting to see where we are today! The market has been evolving over time but it is a slow process that most people will not notice. We are now at a time of very low inventory! Almost gone (at least for now!) are all the foreclosures and short sales that so permeated the market just a short time ago! Prices and interest rates are still good and will most likely stay that way through this year according to predictions. But there is so much less to choose from and competition has already begun to push prices up. Inflation follows recession!

 Don’t get caught looking in the rear view mirror! Many people were surprised by the recession and many will be surprised when the market passes them by again! If you have been waiting to purchase-now is the time.

If you are looking for purchase this spring it is a good time to get started!   Contact Mary or visit my web site to view available listings. I am here to help and look forward to hearing from you! Call direct or text 949-275-6544

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