There have been many recent stories on television and in the paper talking about how many homes are for sale now, how it is taking longer to sell, and how some sellers are giving concessions to get their homes sold! And now we are officially declared in a recession!

Some sellers are considering waiting to sell their homes in belief that the housing market will improve. Many homes on the market are priced at 15-25% below the previous year and we are in a declining market. Yes, the market is definitely in the buyer’s favor right now. 

However, the  number of houses for sale had increased each year for four or five years, but for the first time inventory is declining…

As a seller it is tougher, but as a buyer you are more in the driver’s seat. Though you may not get quite a much for your current home, your next home will also be priced lower than it would be otherwise. This year was marked by foreclosures and short sales and the market has lost about 20-25% of value. While this means that sellers cannot expect as much for their homes as last year, it also means for sellers that are moving up – their future home will not cost as much as they expected. If you’re planning a move to a higher price range, it should actually be in your favor. Interest rates are  historically low and could go lower with some of the current fed plans! That’s another story yet to come!

If you are planning to move in the next 18 months, then you may want to consider moving now to take advantage of the low interest rates and current price reductions. Remember that taxes are also calculated on the price of the homes so lower prices could work considerably in your favor!

Currently in Irvine and Newport Coast inventory is declining and in some neighborhoods and price ranges there are actually very few homes for sale! If your home is in one of these neighborhoods it could be a good time to sell-Less competition!

If you would like a free list of homes for sale in the Irvine or Orange County area, would like more information about Irvine or any of the surrounding communities, or would like to be the first to know about hot new listings before other buyers do, then E-mail Mary Burke at  or give me a call at: 949-275-6544. I lookforward to hearing from you!

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