Safety Tips For Home Sellers

With or without a real estate agent, when you are selling your home you are exposed to a parade of strangers traipsing through your house. The vast majority of them are perfectly safe, honest people — and possibly home buyers. But security measures are necessary for the rare possibility that just one could see your home as an opportunity for crime.

Protecting your home, its valuables and yourself from harm should be a vital component of your marketing plan.

  • Once you list your home for sale, never leave a message on your answering machine informing callers that you are not home. Leave a message that says you are unavailable to answer the phone right now.
  • Never set an appointment with anyone to see your home unless you have their name and number and have called back to verify that number.
  • For security’s sake, before you conduct an open house, remember to remove keys, credit cards, jewelry, crystal, furs and other valuables from the home or lock them away during showings. Also remove prescription drugs. Some seemingly honest people wouldn’t mind getting their hands on a bottle of prescribed drugs.
  • Consider hiring a security guard, especially if you have many valuables you can’t remove.
  • Request that all visitors sign in a guest book or roster. You are giving away a lot of information about your house and you have a right to know who is getting that information.  Certainly some visitors will use a false name but at least they will be aware of the organized procedures and might think twice about victimizing you.
  • Never discuss your personal schedule or habits with potential buyers. Statements like “We are so near the work center, I can leave my home at 8:45 and arrive by 9,” tell potential criminals when you aren’t home. Likewise, don’t discuss issues involving your home security including deadlock bolt locks, security systems, alarms etc. Don’t divulge information on your flyer or other marketing tools that might breech security.
  • After an open house, check all the windows, doors and other entrances to make sure they are locked.
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