Double Dip?

There are many predictions about the state of our economy. There is definitely a school of thought for the double dip recession. Some of the signs that are used to predict the future are not faring as well as everyone hoped including housing construction. We have seen some improvement over the last few months. Home sales were up until July when they took a definite plumet. The last I heard a few days ago was 27%. Ouch! Still prices in California overall continue to rise. It was just reported that San Bernardino was up 10% which is helpful to hear since that area was hit very hard in price decreases.

Some outspoken analysts fear housing may drive us back into recession. Over all though, it would seem that households and businesses are all in a period of thrift and cautiousness right now. Some are calling it a “pause” which seems appropriate to me. Only time will tell and the next 6 to 12 months should be critical. 

I am still hoping for the best! We are all very tired of recession and it would be nice if we could “Eat, Drink and be Merry! This is the theme at the Pageant of the Masters this year and it seems very appropriate. Good show if you can catch it. It will be over soon!

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