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Create Visual Space

Home buyers want the most house their money can buy. A large house with a choppy floor plan and small rooms can feel less spacious than a smaller home with an open floor plan. A clean, well-maintained, and spacious home is not only more marketable, but can often command a higher price.

Here are some things to do to visually create more space:

* Position mirrors in the right places to make a room appear larger. Make sure the mirrors reflect what you want to see more of, such as a favorite painting or a lovely window.
* Choose a light color scheme to help open up a room. White, cream, pearl gray, or soft yellow seem more inviting and open because they reflect light.
* Clear out the clutter. Keep decorative objects to a minimum. Porcelain figurines are distracting and can be easily broken. Pick up newspapers and magazines. Put away–or pack away–unnecessary items from countertops in the kitchen and baths. Clutter can make rooms seem smaller than they are.
* Minimize the amount of furniture you have in each room. This doesn’t mean smaller furniture! Just less of it. Sometimes just removing a few pieces will do help make the room appear larger.

Part of my expertise is in helping sellers get their home ready for the market. If you are considering selling and would like some tips on how you can stage your home to obtain top dollar, please call for a personal consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Supply Versus Demand

Supply versus demand -What does that mean to you? 

Many areas in Orange County are experiencing the lowest inventory rates we have seen in over 5 years! This does not apply to every neighborhood but in general:

  • Active available listings are trending the lowest in over 5 years 
  • New Listings are trending the lowest we have seen in over 5 years
  • Pending Sales hit the HIGHEST point in over 5 years
  • Current available inventory is  around  2-3 months supply!

We could be facing a very hot summer real estate market this year! 

If you are looking for purchase this spring it is a good time to get started! Lending has been very tight but we are seeing signs of improvement. Loans are key so make this your first step.  Contact Mary or visit my web site to view available listings. I am here to help and look forward to hearing from you! Call direct or text 949-275-6544

New Tax Credit Guidelines


TAX CREDIT Currently the government is offering a first time home buyers Tax credit of $8000k! To qualify you must be a first time home buyer-defined as anyone who has not owned a home in the last 3 years! The Senate has just voted to extent this program until April 2010. Repeat buyers who have had their homes 5 years would also get an incentive. Senators agreed on Wednesday to extend the tax credit for first-time buyers while offering a reduced credit of up to $6,500 to repeat buyers who have owned their current home for at least 5 years. The tax credit will be available to buyers who sign purchase agreements by the end of April 2010. They would have until the end of June 2010 to close on there new homes. To see if you qualify click here!

If you are interested in taking advantage of the current low interest rates and low prices Irvine or Newport Coast please contact Mary either by phone 949-275-6544..  Or visit my web site and browse the many listings available on my Interactive Map Search program. I look forward to hearing from you!


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