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Create Visual Space

Home buyers want the most house their money can buy. A large house with a choppy floor plan and small rooms can feel less spacious than a smaller home with an open floor plan. A clean, well-maintained, and spacious home is not only more marketable, but can often command a higher price.

Here are some things to do to visually create more space:

* Position mirrors in the right places to make a room appear larger. Make sure the mirrors reflect what you want to see more of, such as a favorite painting or a lovely window.
* Choose a light color scheme to help open up a room. White, cream, pearl gray, or soft yellow seem more inviting and open because they reflect light.
* Clear out the clutter. Keep decorative objects to a minimum. Porcelain figurines are distracting and can be easily broken. Pick up newspapers and magazines. Put away–or pack away–unnecessary items from countertops in the kitchen and baths. Clutter can make rooms seem smaller than they are.
* Minimize the amount of furniture you have in each room. This doesn’t mean smaller furniture! Just less of it. Sometimes just removing a few pieces will do help make the room appear larger.

Part of my expertise is in helping sellers get their home ready for the market. If you are considering selling and would like some tips on how you can stage your home to obtain top dollar, please call for a personal consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirrow

We all know hindsight is so much better than foresight.

A few years ago I wrote this paragraph:

Many potential home buyers, whether looking to purchase a home to live in or invest for the future, are already active in todays hard hit market. Others are still on the fence waiting to the market to bottom out!  Still, now is the best time to buy for the long term because there is a considerable inventory of homes to choose from at great prices. Much of our market is now priced at 2004 prices! Once the market is on the upward swing, there are very few desirable homes on the market that would be for sale at bargain prices! The market can change very quickly and most will not notice the change until it is well underway.

It is interesting to see where we are today! The market has been evolving over time but it is a slow process that most people will not notice. We are now at a time of very low inventory! Almost gone (at least for now!) are all the foreclosures and short sales that so permeated the market just a short time ago! Prices and interest rates are still good and will most likely stay that way through this year according to predictions. But there is so much less to choose from and competition has already begun to push prices up. Inflation follows recession!

 Don’t get caught looking in the rear view mirror! Many people were surprised by the recession and many will be surprised when the market passes them by again! If you have been waiting to purchase-now is the time.

If you are looking for purchase this spring it is a good time to get started!   Contact Mary or visit my web site to view available listings. I am here to help and look forward to hearing from you! Call direct or text 949-275-6544

Reasons to Buy

No matter what the economy some of the same reasons apply to buy that exist any time. Right or wrong many people count on thier homes for a long term asset that can be leveraged for retirement or future financial needs. Here are some of those reason. 

Reasons Why You Should Stop Renting
1. Rents continue to rise
2. Having no economic security, not knowing how much your rent may go up in the next two to three years.
3. No tax benefits
4. No long term wealth accumulation

I have broken the homebuying process down to four steps.

  • Step One: Determine how much home you can afford. Speaking to a mortgage loan specialist to be pre-qualifed for your home loan is the most important ste! The price range of the homes you look at will depend on this.
  • Step Two:Getting Pre-Approved for a loan to purchase a home.After getting pre-qualified, the most important thing you can do is to go ahead with the loan process and get fully pre-approved before you decide or extend an offer on a home. This will give you advantages when you are in the negotiating process.
  • Step Three: Find your new Home! My Unique Buyers Service will assure you will see all the homes for sale that match what you are looking for and not just a few. With my Unique Buyers Profile Service you will receive (via e-mail) all available homes for sale by all companies. You can look at the pictures and details, drive by the neighborhood to see if you like it and then call me to schedule an appointment to view the homes. There is never any pressure to buy!
  • Step Four: Working with a your Professional Real Estate Broker Specialized Knowledge-After you find the home you want you will need someone who is knowledgeable on the purchase contract including buyer and seller obligations, time lines and who will prepare and present the offer to the seller -negotiating the terms and conditions in your best interest.

You can be assured you are in good hands with my years of experience and knowledge as a real estate professional. Vist my web site  for more articles and advice to help you along your home purchasing adventure!

Time Your Home Sale!

Even in this time of uncertainty, when home values seem to be difficult to track, there is something to be said for timing your home sale! Spring brings renewed hope and has typically always been the best time to sell. This year holds promise for being a very good year! Here is how the seasons break down:

  • The best selling season is  Spring! The day after Super Bowl generally rings in Spring for the real estate sales market. Optimal time to find a home and move in by the end of the school year. This allows school age children additional time to settle into thier new homes and adapt before school begins.
  • Summer is the next best time. The hot summer months help sell homes with pools. The fall school year is definitely the motivator to find and secure a home before the new school year begins. 
  • By early fall many buyers have left the market. Often we will see a resurgence in October and November but generally from October through February is the best time to buy a home if you are looking for a bargain! Many homes will be reduced in this time period so don’t let this happen to you. 

Always sell based on supply and demand: When there are more buyers than homes for sale (sellers market), sellers are able to obtain better prices and terms; when there are more homes for sale than there are buyers, sellers may have to reduce their price and perhaps make other concessions to sell their home. Also, keep in mind that it is easier to sell in a low interest rate environment- which is what we are enjoying today-when more buyers can qualify for a home loan

Currently many neighborhoods have little to no inventory (competition?) and interest rates are historically low. The  economy and real estate market may still be struggling but these two factors are worth considering if you are thinking of making a move this year. The home buyer credit is also still in play until April so this will add to the demand through the next couple of months. 

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